IUSVE was established in 1993 and is a recognised University Institute associated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome.
The University offers three three-year degree programmes and four specialisation courses and first and second level master’s degree programmes in social education, psychology and communication sciences in Verona and Venice.
The specialisation course in Multimedia Communications, Marketing and Graphic Design which produced the seven young designers featured in NEXT LANDMARK is intended to educate talented young people in effective management of integrated communications.


Architecture and Technologies in Detail, founded by Nicola Leonardi and Carlotta Zucchini in 2001, is now one of the best-known, most prestigious architecture and design magazines in Italy or anywhere in the world.
With a circulation of more than 38,000 copies, the magazine provides an in-depth look at the projects it features, with a focus on quality content including details of construction and photographs and graphics underlining the ties between design and construction, that is, between architects, designers and enterprises.

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